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One of the men had stayed upstairs, she said, and he was
the one who had cut all the wires up there. Or at least she
reckoned so, for all the wires were cut up and pretty bad.
He was the meanest-looking one, anyway, she said. Then the
men made them stand back in the doorway of Gordon's store,
which had a deep doorway. At first there wasn't anything,
then a few men riding down the street, men with white masks
on. Then some more men on horseback stopped up at the
corner of Main and Jefferson, under the street light, and
stayed there the whole time. Then there were the explosions,
then the fire over the roofs, and one of the girls began to cry.
It looked like the whole town was going to burn up, she said.
But it didn't and after a while men with guns began marching

" In military formation?" the prosecutor asked.

" I reckon you might call it that/' she answered. " It was
four abreast, but not in step exactly. And they were singing
and shouting some. One man got on the sidewalk and shot
off his pistol at the street light and yelled"—she hesitated,
smoothing her skirt. " Well, it was improper language," she
said, " and then he yelled out, (Boys, they said we couldn't,
but we done it!' Then he shot off his pistol, and he hit the
street light. But one of the men with us, the one that was
captain, he said to one of the others,' You go tell that man to
move on, he's using strong language like that, and there's
ladies here.' And he went and told him, and he stopped."

After the others had all left, all except the men on horse-
back under the street light at the corner, she said, she and
the other operators were permitted to go back upstairs. The
men had started to go up with them, and the captain was
holding her by the arm, but she had said no, thanks, she
didn't want any more assistance from people like that who
violated the law. Then the captain laughed, and went

After Miss Lucy Mayhew there was old Doctor Potter,
who had been picked up the night of the raid, going home
from a call. Now, in the witness box, he was still furious,